Dehydreated & Freeze-Dried Fruits, Veggies & Ice Cream ​(Kale, Eggplant, Mushroom, Flaxseed, Apple, Mango, & more) 

*****This is so Yummmy!! I ordered worth of $120 can't get enough, I can eat this all day long and never get hungry.  My favorite is the dark chocolate with mint and pineapple coconut.  I tried Coco-nut Delite with dark chocolate it's delightful... She has more flavors, they are alldelicious as well... I'll be ordering more... Love it!!  - Miraflor Batacan, Baltimore, Maryland

 ***** The health benefits you get from Joie's flaxseed products,besides the wholesome flavor make this snack food a "winner". Try it on salads, with soups or as healthy snack, you'll keep coming back for more.  -  Steven Robinson, Los Angeles, CA (very satisfied customer)   


***** The Peppermint Dark Choco Kale is my FAVE! I finished the whole box in one sitting and didn't have the regret bloat  afterwards! My picky eaters at home LOVE the kale crunch snacks too!  We will definitely put another order in very soon! Thank you for providing a healthy alternative to snacking!!- Lynn Dimacali, La Jolla, CA

*****Customer Service, Wait time, Quality.... The mushrooms were so good! My husband loved them too. Message via Square

*****Quality Service, Wait time, Other... Very personable... whenever we shop it's like visiting an old friend! :)  Message via Square

​***** Husband: We have to head home (Los Angeles) Wife: No, I have to wait 'til next Saturday, I have to buy another Almond Kale Chips from that lady @ farmers market! Husband: She loves your kale chips! - Rob, Los Angeles, CA

***** The queen of Kale Chips! The best kale chips I ever tasted and I'm your regular customer from hereon. - Lance, Las Vegas

*****Joie's Crunch is AMAZING!! Give us so much energy and it tastes great! We'll be back for more #VeganLove- Steven J. Cardaro - Las Vegas, NV

***** WOW!! Your Chocolate is the best!! Thanks for making me get it! I really have to get more next week!!! It's really Amazing! Thank you Joie!! WE all love your snacks I had to give the flavors I like to other people in the building! OMG - hahaha!! Love, love, love, love it!!- Andrea Chan Reyes, Henderson, NV

*****I Normally don't like chocolate with Peppermint but they were really good! I like them a lot!! I finished the whole bag! Coconut Delite and Peanut Butter are both great! Would like to try some of Almond Butter crunch...- Javier Fernandez, Tucson, AZ

***** All I can say is Joie's Crackers are the best! I love that she uses organic & top quality chocolate too! I will only buy RAW crackers from Joie from now on... - Brandon Pappas Hoyt, Salt Lake, Utah

*****Yummmmy!!! My favorite is Mocha Delite!! - Lorilie Sarao Jarin, San Diego, CA

*****The other day, I tried Joie's RAW Healthy Crunch and I Love it! The flavor was delicious and the texture was perfect.  I've been looking for healthy snack that actually tastes delicious for a long time.  I finally found it!- Conrad Palmer, Professor of UNLV

*****I just wanted to share to all the BEST Healthy and Yummy RAW Snack I am currently addicted to is Joie's RAW Healthy Crunch! I am strongly recommending this, I can assure you'll be addicted to this too...- Almera Guba Gould, Las Vegas, NV

*****Love your products!!! Tried Salsa flavor with some cut of ham! Yummm!!- Delmy Steward, Brentwood, CA

​*****Luv the Krackers especially the Pineapple Coconut flavor! I was interested in eating some flaxseed, but didn't really want to eat plain.  So when I tried Joie's RAW Crunch it was quite yummy, krispy & healthy too...- Muareen Denne, Las Vegas, NV

***** They are DELICIOUS!! - Beth Rigatuso, Omaha, Nebraska

***** Hey Joie, love the flaxseeds healthy crunch that I ordered.  I love them all...  Coco-nut Dark Chocolate, Agave Dark Chocolate, Mocha Delite and Peppermint Dark Chocolate... Great alternative instead of eating junk food.  Your products are Yummy and Healthy!!- Emma Siy, Las Vegas, NV

​*****​My family and I love to eat Joie's Healthy flaxseed crackers! Chocolate with Peppermint is our favorite!! - Ranelle Kain (Co-owner Mesa RIM Climbing) San Diego, CA

***** It's very addicting!! You'll keep eating until it's gone - Charlyn Manapsal Teske, Las Vegas, NV

***** To be quite honest, I have never been a fan of flaxseed; however, Joie's RAW Crunch Crackers have put my perspective into a new light.  Being that each individual bag of crackers are "all freshly handmade" with "all organic and healthy" ingredients, Joie was able to combine flavors that are near addicting!! I purchased a bag for my dad and I and we both keep it in our office desk drawer - a great go-to snack to avoid the vending machine! The dark chocolate tends to be my favorite sweet tooth pick me up.  I have also found that her other flavors pair deliciously with hearty soup, or dipped in salsa.  These are great alternative to regular crackers (which in comparison to a potato chip) and are not only low carb, filled with fiber but they're also PALEO! I have already recommended her products to various friends and family members who have also grown to love her crispy chewy crunch!!- Nadashia M. Reno, NV

***** They are really tasty as well as healthy! Yummm!- Sanda Regis, Henderson, NV

***** Good start for eating healthy and at the same time delicious! - Rosemarie Go-Castanares, Glendale, CA

***** Crackers are DELICIOUS.... Everyone should try them!- Sharon Walker, Las Vegas, NV

***** Hello my dear....when I woke this morning I saw empty bags, Almond butter crunch! WE all liked your freshly handmade flaxseeds.... Carlo finished the double mocha delite and Charlize got mad at us because she didn't get a chance to have the almond delight - Tisha Fontanilla & Family, San Francisco, CA